Join us for a recording of Ben’s conversation with Kenda Creasy-Dean of Princeton Seminary and Paul Nixon of the Epicenter Group for a frank discussion of the future of faith communities after COVID-19.

This is the finale for our series, “Creativity, Compassion, and the Coronavirus”, in collaboration with the BTS Center, examining ways that faith communities can respond well in this COVID-19 moment. 

Episode Highlights Include: 

  • How the church has been dropkicked 20 years into the future
  • Why our churches should “Go Quaker”
  • Why many faith communities should let go of 90% of what they do
  • What it means for leaders to step into a Red Sea that hasn’t parted yet

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Stay tuned next for: An updated re-release of our series, Why I Stayed/Why I Left, with updates from our guests!

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