Join us for a conversation between Ben (our host!) and Melissa (his spouse!) as they talk about what it’s like to weather a pandemic while living on an island.

This continues our series, “Creativity, Compassion, and the Coronavirus”, in collaboration with the BTS Center, examining ways that faith communities can respond well in this COVID-19 moment. 

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  1. Keith Boucher Reply

    Thanks Ben and Melissa! Listening to this was like a pleasant visit at your kitchen table on the island.
    I loved Melissa’s comment on we’re developing a “playbook” for the next go round. So true.
    Thx, Miss you two! K

    • Thanks Keith – we miss you all as well. I just hope next time goes a little faster, ‘cuz this shelter in place thing in starting to get a little bit old, as necessary as it is!

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