Join us for a recording of Ben’s conversation with Casper ter Kuile and Erica Williams Simon about Imagining a new Democracy, as part of the BTS Center’s series, “Unlocking Possibility: Catalyzing Spiritual Imagination in Uncertain Times”.

And, in case you didn’t hear the news in our previous episode, we’ll be wrapping up this podcast at the end of the year (three more episodes to go after this one!) Thank you all for your support and stay listening to hear what’s coming next!

Episode Highlights Include: 

  • The importance of story to our national identity
  • Why re-imagining democracy starts at the grassroots
  • Civic Rituals and liturgy
  • The role of covenant in revitalizing our civic life

Thanks to our amazing supporters, including

Stay tuned next for: A conversation, “Imagine a New Church” with Emily Scott and Heber Brown from 4:30-5:30PMEST on Wednesday, November 18th. (Click here to register and join us live!)

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